A story of enthusiasts

A story of enthusiasts

La Vieille Garde is the result of the shared passion for wine and spirits and the great technical skill in cabinet making and refrigeration of its owners. Right from the start, they set themselves the goal of building the most efficient wine cabinets and wine cellars in the world!

Founded in 2004, La Vieille Garde began its operations by manufacturing standard wine cabinets. Very quickly, LVG developed a great deal of expertise enabling it to tailor the size of its units to the specific needs of its clientele. Thus, over the years, La Vieille Garde has become the reference in custom residential and commercial projects.

Since its founding, La Vieille Garde has extended its expertise to commercial refrigerators (air curtain refrigerated counters, meat refrigerators, refrigerated display cases) and has become a must for several restaurant and delicatessen chains. With a growing presence in North America, La Vieille Garde is becoming an international reference in the field of wine conservation and custom refrigeration, linking efficiency, performance and aesthetics.

They have placed their trust in us
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Turnkey products

We make customized and turnkey products to provide you with the best possible experience. La Vieille Garde’s teams have unique expertise in the design, manufacturing and installation of all types of refrigerated units. We have a range of standard products (wine cabinets, wine cellars, wine racks, refrigerated displays…), but our reputation is built on our ability to design custom-made products.

Passionate creators

Passionate creators

La Vieille Garde’s team is composed of nearly twenty passionate employees who share the common goal of understanding the different needs of every client and carrying out their projects.

Whether it’s a question of style, size or budget, every detail is analyzed by La Vieille Garde’s design team. Our team will lay out its vision in a clear and precise manner. Our various departments of cabinetmaking, refrigeration, glassware and tinsmithing work together to achieve a common goal: to carry out your project without surprises or cost overruns while respecting the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.


The associates

Jean-François Perron

CEO— Director of Sales and Marketing Business Development and Management

With a Bachelor’s degree in Administration, Jean-François has many years of experience in sales and marketing, communications and business development. His role within the company is to oversee commercial development, business relations and the management of both residential and commercial sales.

Dany Piché

Senior Refrigeration Specialist—Production Manager Production Management

With a degree in refrigeration, Dany has several years of experience in his field. His knowledge in welding is matched only by his expertise in refrigeration. As a master refrigeration technician and welder at La Vieille Garde, he supervises and coordinates the entire production and assembly line and ensures that the production team meets deadlines.

Louis Gagné

Senior Designer—Director of Operations Project Management

With his studies in cabinetmaking, administration and design, Louis supervises the design team and ensures the smooth running of the chain of operations. As a resource person for all residential and commercial projects, he coordinates construction sites and ensures that deadlines are met. He also works to develop new designs and maintain product quality.

Alexandre Lefrançois

Purchasing and Logistics Manager Customer Service

With nearly fifteen years of experience in customer service, Alexandre takes care of after-sales service and relations with our various distributors and suppliers. In addition to coordinating inbound and outbound transportation, he oversees supply management for the production department and works to develop sales and export networks.

Sébastien Gagné

Senior Cabinetmaker Production Team Leader

Trained as a cabinetmaker, Sébastien has fifteen years of experience and extensive knowledge of various manufacturing, assembly and installation processes. His experience makes him a resource person for the design of each project. As production team leader, he ensures that tasks are assigned, deadlines are met and quality control is maintained for each product manufactured at our plant.

Partners and Retailers

Our various partners and retailers from the world of wine conservation