La Vieille Garde

La Vieille Garde

La Vieille Garde has unique expertise in the design and manufacture of high-performance custom refrigeration units. For more than 15 years, our customer service has made our reputation and allowed us to distinguish ourselves.


A unique expertise

La Vieille Garde has unique expertise in the design and manufacture of customized wine cellars. Our greatest strength is our ability to produce custom refrigeration units that are both elegant and efficient.

Customized Design

La Vieille Garde has developed a strong experience in the design and manufacture of wine cabinets, wine cellars and refrigeration components. We have a range of standard products such as wine cellars, torrefied wood racks, wine racks and even evaporators and refrigerated displays, but we particularly stand out for our ability to make custom products.


3D Configurator

3D Configurator

A usefull tool!

La Vieille Garde provides you with an easy-to-use wine cellar designer, which allows you to quickly visualize a Classic LVG wooden rack layout in your space. Just provide your dimensions and constraints and the configurator will take care of the rest!

This automatically generates the shopping list corresponding to your layout, directly in your basket.

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Our work

La Vieille Garde’s team is composed of passionate creators who have one common goal: understanding the different needs of our clients and realizing their project. Whether it’s a question of style, size or budget, every detail is analyzed by La Vieille Garde’s design team. Our team will lay out its vision in a clear and precise manner. Check out our work to find inspiration for your future projects!